Amirah currently offers workshops in the following subjects:

  • Bellydance for Beginners (history, posture, basic isolations and steps)
  • Tribal ATS Fundamentals/Tribal Fusion Fundamentals (various levels)
  • Muscle Control and technique (various levels)
  • Musicality (music theory, interpretation of music with motion)
  • Improvisation (various levels: intermediate – interpreting music on the spot, advanced – refining composition and stage presence)
  • Bellywork (isolation, belly rolls, pops, oblique work, and flutters)
  • Arms (strengthening exercises, posture, fluidity)
  • Layering (basic layers….levels, turns, footwork, intricate hip and chest work, layers with shimmies)
  • Rhythms for bellydancers (various levels)
  • Choreography (tribal fusion or cabaret)
  • Texture and Movement (musicality, muscle control, and abstract ideas about motion: modern and hip hop influence)
  • Advanced accents (pops, locks, hits)
  • Creating your own style (intermediate to advanced)

Descriptions coming soon!